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This Isn't About Us

That seems like a pretty bad way to start an “About Us” page. Yeah, this is supposed to be the place where we brag about our product and our team (in the most modest of ways, of course). But truth be told, we wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for the teachers and the students with whom we’ve spent our careers.  This whole venture is all about you. For the teacher who fell asleep on your couch while grading your students’ papers. For the student who had that “a-ha” breakthrough moment after all your hard work. For the curriculum director fighting for your budget. 

This is ABOUT YOU. This is about making your task easier. It’s about getting you one step closer to success. It’s about our shared goal of helping shape young minds.

We know what you are up against. The teacher who is strapped for resources and stretched too thin. The student just trying to navigate the day’s challenges. We get you. We’ve been there. And we know we can help. 

Sure you already have plenty of technology in your life, but we have something that will change the way you teach and learn. 

You’ll likely roll your eyes . . . you’ve heard it all before. Big promises that fall flat on delivery. Well, there’s only one way to tell whether we’re blowing smoke or not. Give WisdomK12 a try . . . for FREE.

Just one test drive and we’re sure you will be convinced. You have nothing to lose. 

Michael Marchionda


The fear that AI will make education impersonal and teachers obsolete is unfounded. Instead, AI, when used judiciously, can foster a deeper connection between student and teacher than is currently achievable in traditional classrooms.

Teacher, Administrator, EdTech SaaS Executive

Our CEO of WisdomK12 brings an impressive blend of strategic leadership and hands-on experience in the EdTech sector. His professional journey is characterized by a successful track record in SaaS sales, business development, and a deep understanding of curriculum and instruction at the K-12 level.  Marchionda’s career began as an English teacher, later escalating to the Director of Curriculum and Instruction where he oversaw K-12 curriculum development and staff professional development for over 3,000 students.

Mike’s shift into the corporate world began with The College Board. There, as a Regional Solutions Manager, he was responsible for state and district sales in the Northeast and Middle States Regions. His tenure at The College Board saw the closing of the largest deal in the company's history at that time with NYC Public Schools.

Mike further showcased his leadership skills at Scantron, where he served as Vice President of K-12 Sales & Business Development. He developed and implemented national sales and marketing strategies for the SaaS Assessment & Analytics Division. Over his tenure at Scantron, he consistently exceeded quotas, generating over $150M in revenue, and closed the company's first statewide SaaS deal for over $10M with the State of Alabama.

Ruthie Robbins

Chief Learning Officer

It's not just about the hours I've gained. It's about how those hours are spent. I've got more time for my students, for my personal life, and even for professional development.

Master Teacher, Author, Education Leader

Launching her education career in Pittsburgh, PA, Ruthie quickly distinguished herself as a formidable force in the field. Her dedication and talent earned her prestigious accolades such as the Western PA Teacher Excellence Center Teacher of Excellence (2006), inclusion in Disney's Top 100 Teachers (2004), and the title of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette All-Star Educator.

In 2012, Ruthie embarked on a new journey, moving to Buffalo to serve as an ELA/Literacy Instructional Facilitator for the Johns Hopkins University School of Education. Her impact was not limited to Buffalo, but spread across various cities including Detroit, Chicago, Boston, and San Antonio, showcasing her ability to adapt and excel in diverse educational landscapes.

In February 2017, Ruthie began to teach again in Buffalo, NY. Her tireless work in enhancing the literacy skills of middle school students, preparing them for high school and beyond, emphasized her commitment to developing "real writers for real purposes." Ruthie believes firmly in the power of writing, whether to inform, persuade, or entertain, and she finds joy in helping students discover their unique writing voices.

leadership team

Patrick "Skip" Smith

Chief of Staff

Meet Patrick Smith, an entrepreneurial force behind WISDOMK12 and the founder of Fusion Development. With roots in a family steeped in entrepreneurial and educational excellence, Patrick has applied his innate resilience and adaptability to make notable strides in business efficiency and growth. A graduate of West Virginia University, his dedication to continual learning and development shines through his advisory roles, where he elevates other businesses with his strategic insights. Patrick's leadership and innovative spirit have not only advanced his ventures but have also made a lasting impact on the broader business community.

Charles "CR" Knight

Chief Financial Officer

CR Knight has performed a range of roles in the management consulting industry, including as a Senior Executive of a highly awarded small business firm in Washington, DC. Mr. Knight began his career as a “numbers geek” while developing complex cost models and estimates for major information technology acquisition programs for multiple government agencies, including the Department of the Navy, the Intelligence Community, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  

With a team first mindset, CR quickly rose into project leadership roles ensuring not only program success, but also individual success for each of his team members. Building trust with his employees and customers allowed him to build a vast network in his field. When CR joined Cobec Consulting in 2017, he naturally leaned on his network to become an important cog in business development for Cobec. While becoming the Director of Business Development, CR helped drive Cobec from supporting only the FAA to supporting six government agencies and three commercial clients.  
Most recently as a Senior Director, CR has been responsible for the internal business operations at Cobec, which includes Business Development, Contracts, Finance, and Marketing. While overseeing these functions, he plays an important role in the strategic path of the company while ensuring the teams have the resources and tools they need to deliver the best services and products for their clients – all while maintaining an employee-first culture.  
Brian Headshot

Brad Zentner

Senior Vice President

With an illustrious 23-year journey in leadership roles, Brad Zentner has been instrumental in shaping go-to-market strategies for software and service solutions in the Higher Education sector. His expertise lies in the critical areas of instructional evaluation, outcome assessment, accreditation compliance, and comprehensive testing at both enterprise and department levels. Through his tenures at both Xerox and Scantron, Brad has collaborated with numerous clients, placing vital data at the forefront for key decision-makers, thereby significantly influencing student achievement, and enhancing recruitment and retention strategies. His collaboration with regional accrediting organizations and academic associations underscores his commitment to bringing forth solutions that address core challenges faced by students, instructors, and administrators.


Lisa Carter

Lisa Carter is a distinguished sales executive and strategic leader whose career spans high-profile roles in some of the most influential companies in technology and education. As a former Region Manager at Apple, Lisa was instrumental in defining the customer experience, leading her team to achieve groundbreaking results in sales and management. Her seasoned tenure includes Vice President positions at Amplify and Pearson K12 Solutions Group, where her strategic acumen in sales and partnerships significantly advanced each company's market position. Lisa's expertise in SaaS, combined with her executive management skills, has consistently fostered innovation and growth, cementing her reputation as a visionary in the industry. Her dynamic approach and proven track record in strategic sales have made her a valued leader and catalyst for success in the competitive tech and ed-tech landscapes.
Dorene Ciletti

Dorene Ciletti

A distinguished academic and accomplished leader, Dorene Ciletti, MBA, Ph.D., serves as associate professor and director of the marketing and sales program at Point Park University's Rowland School of Business. Dr. Ciletti's commitment to advancing knowledge and inclusivity is demonstrated by her appointment as H.J. Heinz Endowed Chair in Business and co-director of Women in Industry. Her visionary leadership extends to her co-founding of Point Park’s Michael P. Pitterich Sales & Innovation Center, where she spearheads initiatives fostering creativity and excellence in the realms of marketing and sales, as well as co-founding Duquesne University’s Center for Leadership in Professional Selling when she served on Duquesne’s faculty.

Bringing a wealth of practical experience to her academic endeavors, Dr. Ciletti has a background in marketing and sales within the health care and financial services sectors. This real-world expertise has been instrumental in her role as a curriculum developer, where she has contributed to the creation of innovative programs and initiatives. In her commitment to experiential learning and design thinking, Dr. Ciletti actively consults and collaborates with businesses and community organizations. Her dedication to shaping the next generation of leaders is evident in her role as a coach and mentor, guiding student teams to success in both regional and national competitions.

Dr. Ciletti's impact extends beyond the classroom as she has organized and moderated major conferences, served as an ad hoc journal reviewer, and authored numerous scholarly publications and texts including Marketing Yourselfa unique textbook combining marketing theory and market knowledge with career development. Complementing her academic contributions, she serves on the boards of not-for-profit organizations focused on fostering inclusion and community development.

Complementing her academic contributions, Dr. Ciletti actively engages with local organizations dedicated to inclusion, accessibility, and community development. Her passion for fostering holistic resilience, intentional inclusion, and inclusive leadership is evident as she develops and facilitates strategic programs and processes that shape the future for industry leaders and community organizations.


Chris Hale

Chris Hale, as CEO of Viqtory, leads the nation's top military marketing firm, bridging the gap between the military community and civilian opportunities. His pioneering efforts have culminated in the creation of influential initiatives like G.I. Jobs and Military Spouse media brands, fostering employment, entrepreneurship, and education for veterans and military spouses. A decorated Navy veteran, Chris's distinguished service includes numerous accolades, such as the Naval Flight Officer of the Year. His dynamic career, spanning venture capital and corporate leadership, is underpinned by a commitment to veteran support and community involvement, exemplifying a dedication to service and innovation.

Chris Kohan

Entrepreneur, media guru, and angel investor Chris Kohan has made a significant mark on Pittsburgh's business landscape over the past three decades. His entrepreneurial journey includes the co-founding of The Healing Center, a trailblazer in Pennsylvania's medical cannabis industry. Before this, Chris excelled as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Steel City Media for 28 years, where he played a key role in the company's growth with innovative marketing strategies. His varied career also involves angel investing, providing valuable support and guidance to budding startups. This transition from a college radio intern to a multifaceted business leader showcases his diverse skills and visionary approach.

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